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This is a track for a Nat Geo series I'm workin' on in collaboration with Plimsoll Productions. I am enjoying it sooooo much, loving the series and think it's gonna be a smash! It's changed names a couple of times but right now it's called Primal Instinct.
This is for another series I'm workin on, this time for the Travel Channel. Tough Rides : Brazil follows the intrepid Ryan Pyle for a round the country trip on motorbike. Mental!

BBC – The Making of Planet Earth – 2012

Snow Leopard - This animal is incredibly rare and elusive. It took the BBC's film crews over 7 years to finally capture a 1½ minute sequence and this clip accompanies them recounting this.

"Alex is professional to work with, gives great attention to detail and is incredibly creative in both sound and music composition. It would be a pleasure to work with him again!"

Sally Cryer - Producer, BBC N.H.U.

Granada / Nat Geo – Built for the Kill – 2004

This sequence began with a snowshoe hare running in slow motion on pristine white snow. It was beautiful, delicate, and slightly entrancing. Bit by bit a puma starts coming into shot and by the time the beat kicks in, the action switches to real time and becomes incredibly claustrophobic. One of my favourite tracks.

"Alex Stoloff is an inspired, original and dedicated composer with whom it has been my pleasure to work with time and time again. He is my first and last port of call when I need vivacious, dramatic and fitting music across genres, delivered on time and on budget."

Allison Bean, Managing Director OTF Bristol

KPM / Channel 4 – Paris Connection

I wanted to encapsulate Paris in this track, something which is pretty much impossible to do with a city that has so many facets, but I picked the more meditative side of Paris and added some more recent happenings and this was the result. It's a nighttime track, as you'd imagine.

BBC Worldwide – Signs of the Zodiac

Earth Kids - This piece was for a 12 part series on the Zodiac for BBC Worldwide. They talked about each sign of the zodiac in detail but also had experiments to show similarities and differences between the different elemental signs. The Earth kids were more playful, less prone to contemplation than say, the Water Kids, and I think this comes across in the music.

"Working with Alex on the music for Signs of the Zodiac was a real pleasure. We had a tight budget and demanding brief from our client. Our music needs were more than we could strictly afford and yet Alex managed to compose pieces that really worked, really strengthened our story and picture, delivered on time. He came up with musical solutions without prompting and worked very flexibly with us through post-production."

Susie Painter - Producer, BBC N.H.U.

Granada – Crash Science

This series, produced by Granada, was all about machines and how men harness them. This particular clip of music was about the power that these machines could give but also how dangerous they could be and how, if used unwisely, they could actually end up killing.

"Alex Stoloff is one of my favorite documentary composers in the entire world. His creative use of both sounds and music creates exactly the right tone for a scene. I look forward to the privilege of working with him on documentary projects for years to come!"

Madeleine Carter - Executive Producer, National Geographic Channel

BBC – The Making of Planet Earth – Polar Bear

In this sequence the BBC film crew used a heli-gimble, a camera mounted onto a helicopter that can shoot in HD from a kilometre away, to film a polar bear swimming through an ice-strewn sea. A truly awesome spectacle.

"Alex is always top of my list of composers to call...extremely talented, flexible and never phased by tight deadlines. I know I can rely on him to produce quality music whatever the demands of a schedule and he is always an absolute pleasure to work with."

Laura Aviles, Production Manager, BBC Earth

BBC Wildlife on One – Crabs – Christmas Island crabs

A track written for the awesome Wildlife on One series. This track was meant to be mournful as it underscores the fact that Christmas Island crabs have a pretty hard life, get killed a lot and not many survive.

"Alex composed the music for my 'Wildlife on One; Claw Wars'. I often found it hard to describe what kind of music I wanted, but in every case, I knew when I heard Alex's tracks. He has a wonderful knack of finding the essence of a particular animal or scene, and writing music which 'lifts' every sequence. The music in 'Claw Wars' added humour, character, atmosphere and suspense, and really made the programme. Alex's music can be quirky, moving, humorous or surprising but is never predictable. He is great to work with, adding a huge amount of creative input to the project, and I look forward to working with him again."

Bridget Appleby, Producer, BBC Natural History Unit

Audio Sketch – Seascapes

This was actually a sketch for a programme I was working on that I never ended up using but liked. It was about deep sea divers discovering a tomb underwater, there was tension as they had limited air supply and were far from the surface. At the end of the sequence they discover the body of a child in the tomb, hence the musicbox.

"Alex is a joy to deal with - down to earth, efficient, creative and diverse. He creates some beautiful music, and always tries to get to the very heart of the music brief."

Lisa Guthrie - Senior Creative manager at BBC Worldwide

Personal Project – Grey Coat

I wrote this song when I was going through a difficult time in my personal life. It's about someone who I loved a lot and still do, and for me this song will always relate to them and what they meant to me. There is sadness, a melancholia.. but also hope for the future, hope that things will eventually take a turn for the better and ultimately work out.

BBC – Making Of Planet Earth

OK, I know I seem to be putting up a lot of the BBC 'Making of Planet Earth' tracks but I really enjoyed working on it and love the music that I wrote for it. This track was for an incredibly dark sequence in which one of the largest lion prides in Africa attack and slay an elephant within a herd, at night.. being filmed with special infra-red cameras. It's an incredibly brutal sequence, but very powerful.

"I asked Alex to re-score the music for the ten minute diary films that appear at the end of each programme in the major BBC landmark series, Planet Earth. Originally scored by George Fenton, these were now being edited together for the first time to make one 90-minute special for TX on BBC America. Alex was the perfect person for the job because he is such a creative and versatile composer. He came up with fresh, contemporary music for each film which exactly matched the mood required by the client. To boot, Alex is fast - he becomes totally absorbed in a job, working round the clock and keeping in contact with regular updates. I will definitely work with Alex again and am already looking forward to our next project."

Sally Cryer - Producer - BBC N.H.U.

Personal Project – Providence

This started out as an idea for a violin line that would be really uplifting and positive. My good friend Mivsam came in and we recorded the violins above a skeleton piano line. It then evolved and I recorded it properly at Toybox studios in Bristol which is run by my mate Ali, who is a very clever man when it comes to recording and mixing. Here's the result.

BBC - gentle • overcoming hardships • triumph

Granada / Nat Geo - chase • electronic • synth

KPM / Channel 4 - beatz • dreamy • reflective

BBC Worldwide - joyful • kids • light

Granada - dark • electronic • machine-like

BBC - gentle • life affirming • triumph

BBC Wildlife on One - electronica • mournful • piano

Audio Sketch - discovery • tension • underwater

Personal Project - hopeful • melancholic • piano

BBC - dark • symphonic • tension

Personal Project - driving • hopeful • life affirming

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