What I’m Currently Working On…


What I’m Currently Working On…

This is a track for a Nat Geo series I’m workin’ on in collaboration with Plimsoll Productions. I am enjoying it sooooo much, loving the series and think it’s gonna be a smash! It’s changed names a couple of times but right now it’s called Primal Instinct.

This is for another series I’m workin on, this time for the Travel Channel. Tough Rides : Brazil follows the intrepid Ryan Pyle for a round the country trip on motorbike. Mental!

Granada / Nat Geo – Built for the Kill – 2004

This sequence began with a snowshoe hare running in slow motion on pristine white snow. It was beautiful, delicate, and slightly entrancing. Bit by bit a puma starts coming into shot and by the time the beat kicks in, the action switches to real time and becomes incredibly claustrophobic. One of my favourite tracks.

KPM / Channel 4 – Paris Connection

I wanted to encapsulate Paris in this track, something which is pretty much impossible to do with a city that has so many facets, but I picked the more meditative side of Paris and added some more recent happenings and this was the result. It’s a nighttime track, as you’d imagine.

BBC Worldwide – Signs of the Zodiac

Earth Kids – This piece was for a 12 part series on the Zodiac for BBC Worldwide. They talked about each sign of the zodiac in detail but also had experiments to show similarities and differences between the different elemental signs. The Earth kids were more playful, less prone to contemplation than say, the Water Kids, and I think this comes across in the music.

Granada – Crash Science

This series, produced by Granada, was all about machines and how men harness them. This particular clip of music was about the power that these machines could give but also how dangerous they could be and how, if used unwisely, they could actually end up killing.

Audio Sketch – Seascapes

This was actually a sketch for a programme I was working on that I never ended up using but liked. It was about deep sea divers discovering a tomb underwater, there was tension as they had limited air supply and were far from the surface. At the end of the sequence they discover the body of a child in the tomb, hence the musicbox.

Personal Project – Grey Coat

I wrote this song when I was going through a difficult time in my personal life. It’s about someone who I loved a lot and still do, and for me this song will always relate to them and what they meant to me. There is sadness, a melancholia.. but also hope for the future, hope that things will eventually take a turn for the better and ultimately work out.