Deadly Instincts – 6 part series on National Geographic Channel

So the big job I was talking about in my last post was this… Deadly Instincts! I worked on this throughout the summer and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, though quite stressful at times since it required a LOT of music… 4 and a half hours of it in the end. Got it done though and the results look awesome. I have to give a big shout out to the crew at Plimsoll Productions who gave me the opportunity to work on this, an incredibly creative and professional bunch : Grant Mansfield, Martha Holmes, Ben Holder, Kirstine Davidson, James Reed, Bobby Sheikh, Rama Bowley, Paul Kiff, Lena Ordyk, Zoe Brandon, and all the people at [email protected] Thanks! This is going out in the States on October 11th, and then will hopefully be coming to Europe after that and it’s narrated by Huey Morgan from the Fun Loving Criminals!!

Middle Kingdom Ride airs on Travel Channel

The awesome Middle Kingdom Ride is finally getting aired worldwide on The Travel Channel! First show goes out on April 10th, check all the details here . I loved writing the music for this and am actually getting ready to start composing for the next installment of the Pyle brothers adventures, India Ride. I can’t wait!