Since late September, I’ve had the pleasure of scoring a 2 part series for Nat Geo called “10 Animals that Will (Might) Kill you”. It’s a fantastic idea for a show, detailing animals that we may encounter in the wild (or not so wild) and how they may possibly be a threat to us, and so great to be working with Ralph Quattrucci editing and Emma Rigney steering the ship. I love how the main thrust of the narrative is how these animals would hardly ever attack humans if we just left them alone to live within their ecosystems, it’s only when we try and have them as pets or infringe upon their habitats that we humans could be hurt or even killed by them. Great point to push in our ever-expanding world.

The show actually started out as a 1 hour, “20 Animals That Will (Might) Kill you”, but there was so much to be said about the animals in question that it was turned into 2 X 1 hour shows. With the tempo of the show dictating quick cutting by Ralph, it’s jam packed with music literally from the start.. and doesn’t stop to hold its breath until the final frame. Full on! But in a good way.

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