I got an agent!

Yes that’s right.. an agent… who would have thunk it?! I’ve known Lisa for a good 5 years now and she’s as lovely as they come, and a dedicated proponent of music. Lisa worked at the BBC in their publishing arm for years, after having worked in the record industry. She’s also quite a skilled musician herself (though she probably wouldn’t want me to let you know that). I look forward to many a fruitful project with her. In the meanwhile, I’m still working on more submissions and have also started several music projects over here in Paris.. one is a sortof ‘new hip-hop’ type project, one is more in the vein of just having a good time and doing some gigs (with drums, bass, programmed beats/synths/bleeps and female singer) and the other one is in the vein of position normal or ween, not taking things tooooo seriously. Will post some up in the music section once they’re getting somewhere. I also went back to Bristol to do some work with my main band, 2nd World War. Things are hotting up with this project, keep your ears pealed.

Audio Sketch – Seascapes

This was actually a sketch for a programme I was working on that I never ended up using but liked. It was about deep sea divers discovering a tomb underwater, there was tension as they had limited air supply and were far from the surface. At the end of the sequence they discover the body of a child in the tomb, hence the musicbox.

Personal Project – Grey Coat

I wrote this song when I was going through a difficult time in my personal life. It’s about someone who I loved a lot and still do, and for me this song will always relate to them and what they meant to me. There is sadness, a melancholia.. but also hope for the future, hope that things will eventually take a turn for the better and ultimately work out.

BBC – Making Of Planet Earth

OK, I know I seem to be putting up a lot of the BBC ‘Making of Planet Earth’ tracks but I really enjoyed working on it and love the music that I wrote for it. This track was for an incredibly dark sequence in which one of the largest lion prides in Africa attack and slay an elephant within a herd, at night.. being filmed with special infra-red cameras. It’s an incredibly brutal sequence, but very powerful.

Personal Project – Providence

This started out as an idea for a violin line that would be really uplifting and positive. My good friend Mivsam came in and we recorded the violins above a skeleton piano line. It then evolved and I recorded it properly at Toybox studios in Bristol which is run by my mate Ali, who is a very clever man when it comes to recording and mixing. Here’s the result.

Pearl River Tower

Pearl River was great to work on, it has high energy, pace, and a fascinating storyline about the world’s first ever sustainable building (see more on the Architecture firm SOM’s website). I finished the project in mid June and started exploring other avenues. One of these has been working on some tracks to submit to an up and coming Channel 4 library album. Channel 4 is the only UK terrestrial broadcaster I’ve not worked for, so I jumped at the opportunity to pitch for this. I’m still awaiting the results but will let you know in due course. I had a track accepted for a KPM album (KPM is one of the worlds largest library music companies). I’m currently working on more tracks for them, and more submissions for the Channel 4 project. Woop!

Granada – Built for the Kill – Rivers

This might not seem like a very ‘wildlife’ type of track but Built for the Kill wasn’t a run of the mill wildlife series. This clip accompanied a sequence of bears salmon fishing, and the electro element is there to portray the mechanical nature of this. Awesome.


A bit of blurb from the brief : the Pearl River Tower, now being built in Guangzhou City, is one of the first of a new generation of buildings that has the goal of “net zero” energy consumption. It’s called high performance architecture. High performance is the new buzz word in architecture, and the Pearl River Tower will be the first high performance super tall building on the planet. As architect Gordon Gill describes it “This is a new type of design process which combines the art of architecture with the science of performance”. Says Adrian Smith “The shape is directly related to the form. It looks that way because it performs that way.” I’m very excited to be working on this project, and to be collaborating with a new director, Jayashree Panjabi!