BBC’s “The Making of Planet Earth”

Have just had a meeting with Sally Cryer at the BBC N.H.U. and I’m going to start working on a 2 hour documentary produced by BBC Earth for BBC America. Can’t wait to get started on it, the footage looks amazing!!

Universal Music

Following a meeting at Universal Headquarters in Fulham with some lovely people I’ve started working on some music for their extensive music library.

Granada / Nat Geo – Built for the Kill – 2004

This sequence began with a snowshoe hare running in slow motion on pristine white snow. It was beautiful, delicate, and slightly entrancing. Bit by bit a puma starts coming into shot and by the time the beat kicks in, the action switches to real time and becomes incredibly claustrophobic. One of my favourite tracks.

KPM / Channel 4 – Paris Connection

I wanted to encapsulate Paris in this track, something which is pretty much impossible to do with a city that has so many facets, but I picked the more meditative side of Paris and added some more recent happenings and this was the result. It’s a nighttime track, as you’d imagine.


I’ve started working on a project for NHNZ’s China office with a good old mate, Kyle Murdoch. We’re just getting together a programme specifically for Discovery Asia about the Chinese Space program which is pretty interesting. Lotsof bleeps, swooshes and analog arpeggios..awesome!