I’ve been in negotiations with Rome based independent production company Brando Quilici Productions about composing for a 4 hour project for Discovery Channel which follows a new scientific investigation into the mummy of King Tutankhamun and his relatives.

The programs will be broken down into 2 shows of 120 mins. They started editing the first show in mid November, the second in January and have final delivery of the second show in June. This is a very exciting project to be working on and I’m already researching classic Egyptian era instruments and sounds from the Pharaonic period (post 3100 BC) such as harps, flutes and double clarinets. Here’s a great site that explains quite a bit about it if you’re interested : www.phmusic.gov.eg. I won’t be uploading any of these compositions til the programmes are all wrapped up so check back in the summer! In the meanwhile though, I’m still pitching for other films & documentaries, and continuing my own personal projects… a lot of which involve a nice young lady called Sarah who I met a few months back… Huzzah!

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