The last few months have been spent working on some personal projects with some friends, some live music that I hope to take out onto the stages of Bristol very soon. I’ve also been to Brazil to record some sounds and get a feel for the music for the upcoming 6 part series of Tough Rides : Brazil for the Travel Channel, which I’m very excited about!! I absolutely love Brazilian music, stemming from my dad playing it around the house when I was growing up. Though I discovered an artist I’d never heard about while I was out there and totally fell in love with his music.. check this out. Amazing or what?? Marcos Valle.. incredible.. He’s playing at Ronnie Scott’s in London in June if any of you are interested! While I was in Brazil I pitched for a job and was offered another BIG job which I won’t talk about until negotiations are complete. The pitch was intense, working on a laptop in 35 degrees heat when I would have rather been at the beach.. but I got it! However I won’t disclose what that is either until negotiations are complete for that too.. it’s proving rather difficult.. Thanks, hope you’re all well!

  1. Thank you for this one… As the Mojohead dance…Thank You for this…


    1. No worries, thanks for getting in touch!


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