Yes that’s right.. an agent… who would have thunk it?! I’ve known Lisa for a good 5 years now and she’s as lovely as they come, and a dedicated proponent of music. Lisa worked at the BBC in their publishing arm for years, after having worked in the record industry. She’s also quite a skilled musician herself (though she probably wouldn’t want me to let you know that). I look forward to many a fruitful project with her. In the meanwhile, I’m still working on more submissions and have also started several music projects over here in Paris.. one is a sortof ‘new hip-hop’ type project, one is more in the vein of just having a good time and doing some gigs (with drums, bass, programmed beats/synths/bleeps and female singer) and the other one is in the vein of position normal or ween, not taking things tooooo seriously. Will post some up in the music section once they’re getting somewhere. I also went back to Bristol to do some work with my main band, 2nd World War. Things are hotting up with this project, keep your ears pealed.

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