I’ve started work on a show for NHNZ called Secrets of the Lost Pyramids which will be aired on National Geographic. Really happy to be working with the folks from NHNZ again, they’re professional, quick, stick to schedules and even pay on time!

On top of that they all seem like real good eggs, especially the directors I’ve worked with, Steven Talley and Kyle Murdoch. Their tech staff are awesome too, and really on the ball. Shouts go out to Brad Phipps, Angel McNamara, and the hilarious Wayne Poll, as well as Suzanne Lloyd, the lady who keeps it all together. I’m also submitting some material to Channel 4’s new library CD that they’re producing in conjunction with KPM. I’ve heard from the BQ camp that the King Tut stuff I was working on last year which was meant to be aired on Discovery in Autumn ’09 isn’t going to be aired until the scientists involved publish their results.. Hope that’s soon, it’s a great show. Take care all!

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