Musical Director for performance at Europe’s largest Street Arts festival

I’m still composing for NHNZ’s ‘Middle Kingdom Ride’, a show about two Canadian brothers motorcycling around China but have just been hired to be musical director for an awesome performing arts duo at Amersfoort’s Spoffin festival. I’m going to be spending two weeks on site leading up to the final performances throughout the festival. Really looking forward to it, maybe they’re actually having a summer in Holland!

Back on track with NHNZ’s Middle Kingdom Ride

After a few weeks in NYC, visiting friends and family and having some meetings, I’m back in Bristol and continuing to compose for the Middle Kingdom Ride, which has been changed from being two 1-hour episodes to six half an hour episodes. It’s looking great!

What I’m Currently Working On…


What I’m Currently Working On…

This is a track for a Nat Geo series I’m workin’ on in collaboration with Plimsoll Productions. I am enjoying it sooooo much, loving the series and think it’s gonna be a smash! It’s changed names a couple of times but right now it’s called Primal Instinct.

This is for another series I’m workin on, this time for the Travel Channel. Tough Rides : Brazil follows the intrepid Ryan Pyle for a round the country trip on motorbike. Mental!

NHNZ’s “Middle Kingdom Ride”

In the last week of the BBC project which has been a helluva ride. Lots of tight deadlines but in the end we pulled through and it’s almost there… and looking/sounding fantastic! I’m back in cahoots with good ol’ Kyle Murdoch from NHNZ (Natural History New Zealand) for a six part series entitled Middle Kingdom Ride which follows two Canadian brothers as they journey round the vastness of China, exploring the myriad of ethnicities and cultures encapsulated within. A really interesting show!